Tales from Davao is a collection of 2017 Ngilngig Films submitted by filmmakers from Davao Region.

01 Ugma Puhon
by Glorypearl Dy (opening short film)
15min | Swito Corp, Timewrap, Ryan Delos Reyes, Dabo Ibao, Studio99 | 2017
Ryan, a conspicuously awkward person, visits an apartment graveyard situated near a community of informal settlers. These graveyards are where families rent out until they can finance a permanent space for their departed.  When Ryan meets a local, Steph, he tries to bind a special friendship. But where Ryan finds comfort, permanence becomes as transient as souls of the living and the dead.

02 Meow
by Breech Asher Harani
12min 04sec | Alexandrite Pictures | 2017
A young woman alone in her house unintentionally summons a demonic entity that mimics the sound of cats.

03 Bwesita
by Louis Usaraga & Melchor Cabangbang
07min 10 sec | Kreativ & Last Minute Productions | 2017
Jake learns what came after his crime. The crippled girl he wronged, will never leave him in peace.

04 Bahin
 by Jomar Ebus
13min 27sec | GF9 Productions | 2017
Ang kuwentong ito ay tungkol sa isang lalakeng psychopath na nakuhang ihain ang lamang loob ng kanyang matalik na kaibigan para sa kanyang mga inimbitang bisita – kasali na rito ang babaeng pinagtatalunan nila.

05 Disiplina
by Rod Marc Abrina
3min 37sec | Rod Marc Abrina Films | 2017
What goes around comes around – even your trash when it haunts you at night.

06 Taguan
by Earle Galindo
14min 59sec | Silver Lining Productions |2017
In the midst of boredom, a group of friends decided to play hide and seek in a secluded forest to only find themselves played by the forest itself.

07 Tambag
TAMBAG by Alecs Mari Ballarta
5min 54sec | Nocturnal Minds Productions | 2017
Leslie seeks advice from her friend in order to ease her from her personal problems.

08 Dalingsil
by Jamillah Rosslynne Natividad
13min 25sec | Jam Productions | 2017
Jepoy is a young boy who likes to play with his friends. One day, while his mom was not around, he played with his friends. They had so much fun until a mythical creature led Jepoy astray. Will Jepoy finds his way home or will he remain under the spell…

09 Takbo
by Rikki Torres
09min 21sec | Artekool Productions | 2017
Isang pamilya ang lumipat sa isang lugar upang sandaling takasan ang problema ng ama ng tahanan. Ngunit hindi nila alam na ang kanilang pinasukan ay lungga pala ng mga aswang.

Bonfire Stories: Tales from the Camp

Bonfire Stories are films created by the new voices and personalities of Philippine cinema that explore tales developed or discovered during the 2017 Davao Ngilngig Film Camp.

10 Balbal
by Joseph Daniel Malabar, with Karlo Camia, FGG Marriane Franco & Melchor Cabangbang
10min 36sec | Mayora Films | 2017
Balong – a teenage boy who was ordered by his sisters to look out for their dead brother. Muted memories, issues , and long held grudges were unveiled.

11 Panabi
 by Maki Cabrera with Princess Taroza, Nicole Molina, Vince Bandiola, Roel Rosaroso & Mcdonald Garcia
11min 13sec | Limbo Productions | 2017

A couple tries to salvage what’s left of their relationship by going on a walk in a forest.

12 UromUROM by Monica Gonzales withCarlo Miller, Janilee Villanueva & Triciabel Sanson
06min 39sec | 1001 Productions | 2017
Mia is an internet celebrity followed by a lot of people. Unfortunately, there came an instance when she unintentionally made a move that triggered a horrible experience.

13 Ang Pag-abot
by Pio Sto. Domingo with Emmylou Layog, Jirah Palma, Marga Mangao & Kenneth Senarillos
03min 47sec | Lumpia Productions | 2017
A girl takes a stroll through the woods when she is pursued by an unidentified entity. Later, she discovers that the entity is a visitor she has been expecting all along.