Sa Dako Pa Roon is a collection of short films from different regions. It explores the Philippine cinema with “ngilngig” tales that focuses on the characters, dialect, customs, topography, and other features particular to a specific region.

Films that will be premiered at SM Lanang Premier at 6PM on Oct 28 includes:

A BIRTHDAY TREAT by Amaya Han, Cebu City
07min 35sec | Team 78 Productions, Red House | 2017
As Kai goes home drunk from her birthday party, she is surprised with a “birthday treat” by a supernatural being.

CHONG-AS by Rojie Somera & Jette Palicas, Kalinga
08min 23sec | Taga Bangad Productions | 2017
Chong-As depicts the ritual of expelling bad spirits from the village of Bangad, Tinglayan, Kalinga. Bangad, Tinglayan has a unique tradition of expelling bad spirits in times of disease, disaster, chaos and even scarcity. It has been reported that the ritual has been very effective in their communal lives.

ELMO by Adrian Rey B. Manapil, Cagayan de Oro City
19min | Brospage Film | 2017
Elmo, a middle-aged farmer, suddenly disappeared from the village. Months after, villagers are haunted by a strange ball of fire appearing randomly which is believed to be the spirit of Elmo. As the people in the village try to drive off the rumoured lost spirit with the guidance of Maria, a famous faith healer in town, the truth behind Elmo’s disappearance slowly emerges. The story is inspired from the Philippine mythology creature “Santelmo” which is the shortened form of the Tagalog words “Apoy ni San Elmo”.

EXPERIMENTAL FOREST by Angelica Gamolo, Cebu City
16min 41sec | Mana Productions | 2017
Two sisters traversed into the woods without a guide, in an attempt to grant their mother’s last wish before she passed away. As they go deeper in search for the exact spot where their mother wanted her ashes scattered, a series of unfortunate circumstances trailed the sisters, slowly unveiling the forest’s twisted secret.

PARA SA MGA NI BIYA by Mac Kianro & Maki M. Calo, Cagayan de Oro City
10min o4sec | Imoortals Productions | 2016
A couple heads home from a Christmas Party. Wet from the rain and unable to find a cab, they ride the city famous “Habal-habal.”

PEÑARANCIA by Gab Mesina, Manila
06min | ARIANA Productions | 2016
The story revolves around a quirky superstitious teenager. When her trusty old wives’ tale fails on her newly bought pair of heels, she takes extreme measures.

SIN-O ANG TIKTIK by TM Malones, Ilo-ilo
09min 30sec | Dark Media Creations | 2016
On her way home, Dina, early 20s, was horrified by the strange sound of a ‘Tiktik’, a mysterious creature that preys on pregnant women to consume the unborn. The night promises to be brutal but whose fate will be compromised? Will Dina survive the night?

Films that will be premiered at Davao Cinematheque at 1PM on Oct 29 includes:

ANG IKADUHANG PAGBALIK by Jeffrie Po, Cagayan de Oro City
24min 08sec |Bangsifilms | 2016
A man finds his fate in the path of a certain church when a pastor convinced him to join their gathering.

LAPPAW by Lovely Jan M. Cadauan, Echague, Isabella
04min 54sec | Siklab | 2017
Marikit depicts the doubtful girl in the Echague Folk Song of the Yogad people who was betrayed by her lover. The story of Marikit was handed down from one generation to another in the Yogad tribe. They believe that whenever an unfaithful man commits infidelity Marikit appears and kill the man gruesomely by plucking out his heart.

LUBONG by Marvin Gabas, Manila
18min 59sec | Knight Vision Production | 2017
Gido follows his boss’ instructions to dispose a corpse into the woods of Kalye Utod. They faced unexpected and macabre emanation when they try to bury the mysterious body.

MORU by Edmund Telmo, Ozamiz City
16min 23sec | Ilustrado Productions | 2017
Julius struggles to come back to reality after an encounter in an enchanted place, Moru Bagakay.

OYAYI by Darryl Yap, Zambalez
03min 59sec | Sawakas | 2017
Oyayi is a short-film that will tackle the power of a mother’s love and presence, echoing the comfort of her care amidst a family tragedy that darkened every space in the house that was once filled with joy and bliss.

TAMIAW by Robert Christian Diaz, Valenzuela
06min 02sec | RAD Productions | 2017
Marco visits her girlfriend, Rina, And like other usual happenings, Rina had a little conversation with her boyfriend, or was it his boyfriend that she is talking to the whole time?